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Osho Active Meditation

OSHO Active Meditations™

Meditation is our essential nature. If we want to know ourselves deeply and to live consciously, we need to be rooted in this space of pure awareness. Meditation is an experience, not a technique, but techniques can support us to experience meditation.

Osho designed different meditation techniques for people living in the modern world to be able to experience this state more easily and fully. Each OSHO Active Meditation™ is a combination of different stages and can include a variety of techniques - breath, sound, movement, dance, emotional release, etc. - combined with a stage of silent stillness. Many OSHO Active Meditations™ are very physically and emotionally engaging, while others are soft and passive.

Practicing them supports us to let go of accumulated stress and repressed feelings from the body and mind. Releasing all this clutter, we are naturally left in a vast open space of silence and deep connection with the whole.

With continued practice, the techniques can completely transform us and change our lives. They support us to be less identified with our habitual patterns of thoughts and emotions allowing us a new relaxation and freedom. We become healthier in the body, mind and spirit, and we begin to fully experience the beauty and perfection present in every moment of being.

"People [in the past] were naturally very silent, peaceful, primitive. The mind was yet not functioning too much. They were not very much thinking, logical, rational... more centered in the heart, as even now primitive people are. And life was such that it allowed many catharses automatically. So I have created new methods which are cathartic, so that you can throw out all repressions, all garbage out of your being, and can become clean, a tabula rasa. All the techniques that I have developed are for the contemporary man, and doing these techniques he will be clean, unburdened, simple, innocent." - Osho

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