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About Kairava

Dhyan Kairava, with Osho since 1996, has trained in Europe and for more than 5 years at the OSHO Multiversity in Pune, India. She is experienced in a wide variety of meditation techniques and therapeutic healing modalities.

Her approach to personal growth is rooted in the meditation space, providing a natural foundation of clarity and integrity. She offers herself as a channel to share love and healing with whomever is available.

Contact Kairava at 914-646-0199 or
email: Kairava@MeditationLife.com

See her credentials here.

I do not belong to any religion.
I am not a healer, therapist, medium, shaman,
or any other label the mind can invent.
I am an ordinary person, like you;
part of this beautiful manifestation of Existence,
and all together,
we can laugh, cry, dance, sing, play, love, meditate, and transform -
in a celebration of life, in a pure state of consciousness!

If you're ready to let go of the old and celebrate the NOW...
Welcome to MeditationLife.

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